Wow 6-Month Pregnant Woman (With Twins!) Lifts 66-Pound Weight

Wow 6-Month Pregnant Woman (With Twins!) Lifts 66-Pound Weight
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Popular fitness model Sophie Guidolin has discovered herself on the less than desirable end of feedback after the mother of two, who is right now pregnant with twins, posted a photograph of herself working out on Instagram.

In the pic, which was transferred to the photograph sharing sight on Monday, Guidolin lifts a crazy measure of weight—reportedly 30 kg or 66 pounds to be correct while her spouse remains by to regulate.

"Alot of people express concern over women exercising in pregnancy and I 110% understand why," the soon-to-be mother of four captioned the pic. "There are so many myths, old wives tales & opinions out there it is hard to understand what is the truth and what is made up. In my opinion, listen to noone except your qualified & trusted medical staff."

In spite of her workout warning, the qualified nutritionist, who blogs about healthy eating and has written a number of cookbooks, received a great deal of backlash over her post with some claiming her fitness regime is too extensive for a pregnant woman. In response, she posted a pic showing off her baby bump in the gym while also sharing her thoughts on working out while pregnant. 
"Woah… My weight training photo yesterday sparked some debate!" she begins in the lengthy caption. "I was not expecting that, however if that photo is what it takes to get people talking about exercise during pregnancy and the benefits then I am happy to spark up the topic." 
She continues, encouraging other pregnant women to keep working out as long as they receive the green light from their doctor.

"There are so many myths & old wives tales when it comes to pregnancy- from early pregnancy until your baby becomes a toddler! However, if you have been given clearance from your medical practitioner to continue your exercise regime then I highly recommend you continue exercising for the health of yourself- and your babe (or babies!) #fitpregnancy #health #twinpregnancy #26weeks," she wrote.
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