A Girl that is born 'without a face' finds new sister across the world

A Girl that is born 'without a face' finds new sister across the world
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Gistpedia have got another weird news today, a little girl who came into the world thinking she was the only one with such.
A girl born 'without a face' has a new sister after her parents adopted a Ukrainian orphan with the same condition.
USA Today reports that six-year-old Texan Julianna Wetmore was born with Treacher-Collins syndrome, resulting in deafness and bones missing from her face.
Her parents said Julianna had undergone 45 surgeries to her face but her brain and body were healthy.

"She doesn't see anybody as different," father Thom Wetmore said. "She just takes everybody as the same."

When Thom and his wife Tami learned of a girl in a Ukrainian orphanage with Treacher-Collins syndrome who had never had a visitor in her life, they knew they had to adopt her.
"It's just, you felt it in your heart. We knew, as soon as I saw her. I knew, in my spirit, 'Go get your daughter,'" Tami told USA Today.
"That's exactly what I felt is, 'Go get your daughter.'"
'We knew as soon as i saw her. I knew in my spirit.' The Westmore were thrilled to welcome Danica into the family Photo: Twitter
The Wetmore's christened the girl Danica when they adopted her six years ago and said she and Julianna were now best friends.
And in another amazing example of generosity, the Wetmore's also adopted three of Danica's siblings.

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Danica and Julianna Wetmore are now best friends and one big happy family. Photo: Supplied
"It's just amazing how your daughter that you look at as just a normal, everyday child that looks a little bit different has changed so many lives," Thom Told USA Today.
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