All The Top iPhone and iPad Apps on App Store

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Top Paid iPhone Apps:
1. Minecraft: Pocket Edition, Mojang
2. Heads Up!, Warner Bros.
3. Lifeline, 3 Minute Games, LLC
4. THE GAME OF LIFE Classic Edition, Electronic Arts
5. Akinator the Genie, Elokence
6. Plague Inc., Ndemic Creations
7. Afterlight, Afterlight Collective, Inc
8. Geometry Dash, RobTop Games AB
9. Geometry Dash, RobTop Games AB
10. Geometry Dash, RobTop Games AB

Top Free iPhone Apps:

1. - add music & sound effects to your videos with fast motion, slow motion, dub and share on Instagram, Jun Zhu
2. Messenger, Facebook, Inc.
3. Facebook, Facebook, Inc.
4. YouTube, Google, Inc.
5. Instagram, Instagram, Inc.
7. Snapchat, Snapchat, Inc.
8. Colorfy: Coloring Book for Adults - Free, Fun Games For Free
9. Layout from Instagram, Instagram, Inc
10. Pandora Radio, Pandora Media, Inc.

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Top Paid iPad Apps:

1.Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Mojang
2.Don't Starve: Pocket Edition, Klei Entertainment
3. Toca Life: City, Toca Boca AB
4. Terraria, 505 Games (US), Inc.
5. Heads Up!, Warner Bros.
6. Geometry Dash, RobTop Games AB
7. Soccer Physics, Otto-Ville Ojala
8. Five Nights at Freddy's, Scott Cawthon
9. Five Nights at Freddy's 2, Scott Cawthon

Top Free iPad Apps:

1. Colorfy: Coloring Book for Adults - Free, Fun Games For Free
3. YouTube, Google, Inc.
4. Netflix, Netflix, Inc.
5. Messenger, Facebook, Inc.
6. Facebook, Facebook, Inc.
7. Card Wars - Adventure Time Card Game, Cartoon Network
8. Inside Out Thought Bubbles, Disney
9. Cartoon Network App - Watch Videos, Clips and Full Episodes of Your Favorite Shows, Cartoon Network
10. Pinterest, Pinterest, Inc.
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