Apple Likely to Include New Chip on Rumored iPhone 7 to Enable Fingerprint on the Touchscreen

Apple Likely to Include New Chip on Rumored iPhone 7 to Enable Fingerprint on the Touchscreen
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This could be good to improve the security of the Apple Iphone.
Even up till this time, the Apple iPhone 7 is just a rumor as the American tech giant has yet to make a formal announcement or statement regarding the official name of its upcoming iPhone expected to roll out in September.
There are two major rumors going around these days regarding the next set of iPhones of Apple. The first rumor indicates that the American tech giant would be releasing the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus come September, which is normally the month when Apple launches its latest smartphones.

The other rumor indicates that Apple would be launching three flagship smartphones including the iPhone 6S, the iPhone 6S Plus, and the iPhone 6C. However, the first set of rumor has expanded to now include the iPhone 7C, which makes the two speculations pretty even with three iPhones apiece.
Notwithstanding the issue on how Apple will call its next iPhones, latest reports coming out are now focused on some of the key features of the upcoming smartphones from the American tech giant.

Fingerprint sensing from the touchscreen

Accordingly, Apple is now working to incorporate a new chip or processor on its upcoming iPhones that would allow fingerprint sensing from the touchscreen itself.
Fingerprint sensors are electronic components built in to the smartphones or mobile devices to enable fingerprint detection and verification as programmed by the user. This makes the device quite unique as no other user can operate or unlock it since the fingerprint of the original user or owner of the device is the only one which can open and operate it.
If fingerprint sensing is activated on the touchscreen itself, it would already do away with the need for the iconic Home button on the upcoming Apple iPhones, which would be one of the major improvements of the devices when the American tech giant launches them in September.
The Australian reports that the new chip would fit into the expected new ultra-thin and ultra-narrow displays of the rumored iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S, and along with a whole-plane design, will eliminate the need for the Home button.
Apart from recognizing the owner’s fingerprints no matter how it’s being held, the iPhone’s screen could cover the entire face which would have a business implication on Apple since there would be changes on its production line.
However, there are also reports that the earliest for Apple to launch an iPhone with no Home button is on 2017 which means that the feature would still not be part of the upcoming iPhones coming out this September.

Improving the iPhone camera

Meanwhile, Apple is now working to improve the camera of its upcoming iPhones. Based on the recent tweet of a certain developer, an iOS 9 code has hinted that Apple is currently planning the future of the upcoming iPhone’s camera which would sport remarkable features including a 1080p resolution, a 240 fps slow motion, and a panoramic capture flash.

Although the iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the world, the quality of its front-facing camera actually pales in comparison to Samsung as well as with some other Android handsets and tablets too.
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