Apple new iOS 9 Bring change to the iPhone keyboard that everyone has been begging for

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ios 9 keboard lowercase letters

iOS 9, the upcoming operating system for iPhones and iPads, has a seemingly minor new addition to the on-screen keyboard, but it's something users have been begging for.

Now, when you press the shift key, the letters on the keyboard change to either lowercase or capital. Before, the shift-key arrow would only turn black or light gray to let you know if you were typing in capital or 

lowercase letters, which was confusing to a lot of users.
Here's what the keyboard looks like when you press the shift key in iOS 9.


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caps lock ios 9 keyboard


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ios 9 keboard lowercase letters

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iOS 9 will launch to most iPhone and iPad users in the fall. But if you want to try an early version now, you can sign up for Apple's beta program. Warning: The iOS 9 beta might have some bugs and glitches, so it's best to test the software on a secondary device, not the one you use every day.

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