Best Smart apps for smartwatches

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Smart apps for smartwatches

Read through this write up and get the best amazing apps you can download for your smartwatches.
Smartwatches are slowly and steadily making their presence felt in our digital lives. While the Apple Watch hasn’t been launched in India yet, Google’s Android Wear watches have been around for a while. And as with every product, they are adding features that enhance usability. The biggest boost has come from the increasing number of apps that add more features to the smartwatch.
We list 12 free apps that will make your smartwatch even smarter.

Apps for Apple watch
The watch itself is not available in India yet, but if you have bought one abroad, here are some apps that you can explore..


WeChat is one of the most popular instant messenger apps globally. The app, also available on the Apple Watch, lets you chat with friends, as well as send and receive messages from the watch itself. And it throws in funny conversation stickers for good measure.


Want to find out which song is playing in the restaurant where you are enjoying a nice dinner? Just wave your hand and Shazam will identify it for you—and even serve up the lyrics.

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Yahoo Weather

The weather app by Yahoo! is as beautiful and understated on the Apple Watch as it is on the iPhone. It throws up an exhaustive amount of information on current weather and forecasts.

Trivia Crack
This simple yet insanely interesting quiz game is a treat to play on the Apple Watch—Q&A magic at its best. Extremely addictive, made even more appealing owing to its availability on the watch.

Email on your wrist never looked this good and was seldom as comprehensive—this client supports most popular mail services, including Microsoft’s Outlook, and is convenient for power users who would like to keep a tab on new mails while travelling or when they are in a meeting.

Apps for Android wear

There are many Android Wear watches available in the market, including the Sony SmartWatch 3 and Asus ZenWatch. These are some must-try apps.

WatchMaker Watch Face

The greatest joy of smartwatches is customization. This app lets you make your own watch face—you can add pictures and specify additional display information.

Wear Aware

You will never leave your phone behind again. The app can make a misplaced phone ring and gives a vibration warning through the watch every time the phone goes out of Bluetooth range.

Wear Audio Recorder
This is perfect for a quick recording of a discussion or an interview. Simply open it on the watch and hit the Start Record button. The recording will be synchronized with your smartphone.

Wear Mini Launcher
One challenge in an Android Wear watch is that accessing apps requires either scrolling through a list or remembering the app name. This launcher shows all the apps in a neat grid of icons.
InstaWeather for Android Wear

A must-have app for those who like to keep a tab on the weather. It gives detailed forecasts in a beautiful layout—the information is displayed on the watch face.

Google Fit and Wear Fitness Personal Trainer
Google Fit is available by default on Android Wear watches, and is terrific for counting steps and distance measured while running, jogging, etc. The Wear Fitness Personal Trainer (also called VimoFit) app counts the number of times you do an exercise—push-ups, sit-ups, etc. And as it syncs with Google Fit, you can actually store all your fitness data in one place.
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