Catholic Priest Rescues 10-Year-Old Boy From Grave After 3 Days

Catholic Priest Rescues 10-Year-Old Boy From Grave After 3 Days
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This is a very pathetic life story, we take you to south east Nigeria.
While they gathered at Isiokpoto, their ancestral headquarters for the four-day prayers and liberation session, it was revealed to the man of God that a young boy was buried alive in the community and that if nothing was done fast he would be gone forever.
The boy, a plantain hawker had been abducted and buried as sacrifice with sand up to his neck in a shrine located in a valley along the Milking Hill, Ngwo town, Enugu state.
According to Daily Sun report, the priest had been called from Abia state by some concerned people to cleanse the land which had been desecrated by occultists and evil men.

Father Chilaka rescued the 10-year-old boy (inset) who had been buried alive by ritualists.

Father Chilaka revealed that 30 occult members from the Ngwo community were involved in the sacrifice, urging the people to join hands in prayers for God to reveal where the boy was buried. On the second day of the crusade which was the fourth day of the boy in the grave, the priest led some able bodied men from the community on a rescue mission.

One Ozo Victor Ugwu, a native of Ngwo whose vehicle was used to convey the youths to the shrine said when they got there, the boy’s head and face were covered with blood and there was blood all around the shrine but they managed to get him out of the grave.

The little boy, who is still unable to talk at the moment, was brought to the podium on the last day of the crusade amidst excitement, shouts of joy and praises to God from all corners of the prayer ground.

Speaking on the matter, an impressed traditional ruler, HRH Igwe Jerome C. Okolo, Ogwugwu Ebenebe 1 of Ameke Ngwo, said five traditional rulers from the community came together and decided to bring the Catholic priest to come and pray for the Ngwo people and the land.

“It wasn’t easy bringing our people together and raising the funds for this retreat which is holding here at our ancestral headquarters. This is the third day; he has been here for three days now doing God’s work; even me as a traditional ruler I am like ‘Thomas,’ I don’t easily believe tales, but I have seen and I have seen with my eyes. I have been here for the three days and I have seen miracles; things I have never seen since I was born,” he said.

In Nigeria, the belief in ritual sacrifices is very strong and widespread. The belief is entertained both by the educated and the non educated. Those involved  indulge in ritual killing and sacrifice of human beings.

In June, men attached to the Ondo state police command discovered a hideout where suspected ritual killers slaughter their victim’s after been kidnapped. The police arrested five persons in the process.

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