Gmail Users can now undo Sent Mail

Gmail Users can now undo Sent Mail
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 This is a great news for gmail users, wow.
Gmail user, who regrets a message they just sent, has the option to undo the action, provided they are quick enough, a report said on Wednesday.

It added that the new ``Undo Send’’ option allowed a message to be retrieved, so long as it is clicked upon within 30 seconds of the ``Send’’ command being hit.

``The idea is to give users a second chance if they catch a mistake or realise they have sent a note to the wrong person.

``The function has, so far, only been available as an experimental feature.

``It is still not automatic, as availability has to be activated in the setting,’’ the report noted. ``

However, it added that the users could opt for the ``undo’’ function to work for between five and 30 seconds after the initial ``send’’.
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