iPhone 6S Plus to be made of very strong case

iPhone 6S Plus to be made of very strong case
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iPhone 6S Plus leak says phone will be made of tough stuff

Future Supplier seemingly got its hands on an iPhone 6S Plus case. The site snapped photos of the device and also revealed that the housing feels quite a bit stronger than what we've seen before. It seems like Apple has upgraded the material strength to avoid a repeat of what happened last year.
The images show that the screw hole for the loud speaker is in a different position. This suggests that it'll be a different version on board this time around.
Otherwise, the casing looks quite similar to what we’ve seen before. The new back panel certainly resembles the previous model.

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Apple is expected to reveal the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus later this year, possibly in September. Of course, you can expect plenty of leaks and rumours to arrive in the weeks and months ahead of their announcements.

Source: Irishexaminer
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