iPhone 7 Release Date now closer than ever

iPhone 7 Release Date now closer than ever
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iPhone 7 features and release date
(Photo : Justin Sullivan | Getty Images News) Apple's new iPhone 6

Surely we will keep you updated with all news about the release date, youthhealthmag reported that
If new reports are accurate, the iPhone 7 will draw inspiration from the iPhone 4 and 4s.
"The design of iPhone 7 might be bringing a bit nostalgia from the older iPhone version," VC Post reported.
"The iPhone 4 and 4s are said to be the Apple's most beautifully designed smartphones. They've become iconic with its glass backs which the concept video said that it might carry over to the iPhone 7, including the handsets' encompassing flat metal frame. It could guarantee a nice output with its 2.5D sapphire glass that will blend smoothly within the alleged metal frame feature."
"The idea was inspired from the concept of iPhone 4 and 4s model as it was seen in the video. Instead of the device will transform into something completely new, there are speculations that Apple will get an inspiration from the past model of their devices for their rumoured iPhone 7," the report added.
Meanwhile, will it be another Android and Apple smartphone battle when iPhone 7 gets released the same time as the Samsung Galaxy S7?

New reports are hinting at the possibility!
"Apple is rumored to release the iPhone 7 earlier than what had been reported in order to match the launch of Samsung's Galaxy S7 during the third quarter of the year, Learn Bonds revealed in April," Latino Post reported.
"This is in the wake of the previous revelation from tech blog site GeekSnack.com that the newest addition to the elite line of phones from Apple Inc. would be released by March 2016 with a couple of never-before-seen features in smartphones."

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The iPhone 7 release date could might be underway, along with the Samsung Galaxy S7.  Rumors suggest that the decline in iPhone sales could be one viable reason for the Cupertino based tech giant to expedite the launch.
"Aside from that, the research also found that the sales of Apple's iPhone has decreased in the other six biggest smartphone markets in the world, particularly in December up until the first two months of the year 2015," Latino Post added.
"Other countries which have a significant drop in iPhone sales include Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom."
Stay tuned for more iPhone 7 release date and features updates here!
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