Microsoft closes a range of apps

Microsoft closes a range of apps
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The Lumia 535.
The Lumia 535   
We just got this information from a reliable source.
Microsoft is reportedly planning to kill off some of its MSN apps as well as its Photosynth application.
The Redmond firm will be killing off its Food & Drink, Health & Fitness and Travel apps, Ars Technica said.
The website also reported that the Food & Drink and Travel apps will be discontinued on September 28.
The Health & Fitness app will be shelved on November 1.

It makes for rather perplexing news, as Microsoft's Band made good use of the Health & Fitness app for fitness tracking and analysis.
Additionally, Microsoft's Cortana linked to the Travel app for some information.

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The Photosynth app, which allows you to take 3D panoramas, has been discontinued as well, the development team said.
"If you use the Photosynth Windows Phone App or the Photosynth iOS App you can continue to use it, but it is now officially unsupported, and will not be maintained going forward. Both apps will be withdrawn from their respective stores," the team said, adding that the website will still be maintained.
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