New charging device unites Android and iPhone Users

New charging device unites Android and iPhone Users
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Android and iPhone Users Unite with Shareable Charging Device
PWRSPRK is a mobile charging solution that can be used by Android and iPhone users to charge and swap batteries

Isn’t it such a hassle when you still need to go somewhere and your battery has already run out of juice? What about watching a movie on your mobile phone only for it to be cut short due to empty battery? Battery problems can now be one less daily issue to worry about. PWRSPRK is a handy mobile charger that allows users to always have juice wherever they are and whenever they need it.

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Is this another version of power banks? No, it’s way better than bringing your power bank everywhere you go. The PowerSpark mobile charging system provides a three-part solution.
First, there is the enhanced PWRSPRK power case. It is 30 percent thinner than other additional battery cases, which means it is more lightweight. The power case comes in three colors: black, white and polished aluminum.
Second is the mobile charger base. It can charge three batteries at the same time. You may purchase another dock if you need more.

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The last part is the PWRSPRK battery itself. The battery is two-sided and is packed with 3200 mAh of battery life. The battery is separate from the power case, allowing users to simply swap the batteries only. Further, the battery is universal so it can be used on both iPhone and Android phones.
Idan Lahat, founder and CEO of PWRSPRK LLC believes that the PWRSPRK is more than just a battery accessory. “PWRSPRK was built on the belief that we need an easy and reliable solution for mobile charging,” co-founder and CEO Brandon Fontana explained.


While the current design is made for home use only, the bigger goal for the company is to make PWRSPRK an international mobile charging solution where people can go to nearby swapping stations. PWRSPRK is targeting high foot traffic areas like restaurants, airports, shopping malls, hotels, banks, and gas stations. Moreover, there is an app that informs users about the battery life, usage and nearby charging stations.

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