The New 5 things to expect from the coming iPhone 7

The New 5 things to expect from the coming iPhone 7
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Loads of rumors have already started circulating about this mysterious new phone, so we've decided to round up all the speculation in to a handy little list for you right here. 
1. Force Touch can basically read your mind through your fingers
Yeah, this is probably the most amazing sounding one so we've put it right up top where it belongs. Apparently, the new iPhone will be so ultra sensitive that it will be able to distinguish what you want it to do by the pressure of your touch. So, if you press a little more firmly than usual on your email screen it will pop up with a reply tab for you, rather than just opening the email. Basically it's more sensitive than us when we first watched The Notebook.

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2. More Software Upgrades (obviously)

This one probably doesn't come as much of a surprise, but there are plans to make loads of updates to the software on the iPhone 7 so that things run smoother and faster than ever. IOS9 is expected to vastly improve the Maps and Notes features, along with improving a bunch of other general isssues.

3. Better Battery Life
Again, DUH. There will be an improved battery in the A9 chip in the phones, but don't expect it to last forever. The sleek design of the phone means it's never gonna have a bulky battery that will last for days on end. Soz about that. Still, any improvement on that front is good - we feel like we spend our lives at under 20%, trying (and failing) not to use instagram before we can find a charger.

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4. Better Front Facing Camera
Wouldn't be surprised if Kim K emailed the company to let them know this should be pushed up their priorities list, but we're definitely into this idea. Macworld reckon the camera resolution will increase from 1280x960 to 1920x1080 pixels. We're not sure if this is too much of a good thing because we always felt safe with the blurry/slightly more flattering front camera.
5. A Better Home Button
Yeah, this is none too surprising either. Apparently the new button on the iPhone 7 will be a little bit like the new Force Touch inclusion, and will be able to sense your touch far better than the older versions could, making the way you move around your phone a lot more efficient.
SO, THAT SOUNDS GOOD. We'd be happy to test any prototypes if Apple want to send them our way. Your thoughts on all these updates? Are they missing anything out? Let us know with a tweet @sugarscape. 
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