Windows 10 is Going To Be The Final Version Of Windows

Windows 10 is Going To Be The Final Version Of Windows
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 The announcement that Windows 10 will be her last major release of Microsoft's OS has made the Windows lovers unhappy..
That's according to one of its employees, the developer evangelist Jerry Nixon who said at Microsoft's Ignite Conference in Chicago:
right now, we're releasing Windows 10, and because Windows 10 is the last version of Windows, we're all still working on Windows 10.

This doesn't tell the whole story because instead of killing of Windows OS completely; Microsoft will instead be providing regular smaller updates indicating a shift in priorities for the company.

The reason given by Microsoft was that they wanted to deliver Windows as a service, rather than a product. Instead of having another major OS release, component sections like the start menu, apps, and settings can be updated separately and independently from Microsoft's core section. The shift in Microsofts priorities was evident in her recent statement to the Verge:
Recent comments at Ignite about Windows 10 are reflective of the way Windows will be delivered as a service, bringing new innovations and updates in an ongoing manner, with continuous value for our consumer and business customers.

All this means making changes that should be easier since one alteration will not affect the entire system. Ambitious in scope considering the different types of devices that will be running it.

It hasn't been made clear how frequent these updates will be but the smart money is that it will be similar to Mac OS X where updates occur every so often; or even like Chrome or apps, where they occur regularly without anyone noticing.

One things for sure, it means the likelihood of any of us seeing Windows 11 or 12 definitely isn't going to be happening anytime soon.
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