Android apps help teenagers measure alcohol intake

Android apps help teenagers measure alcohol intake
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This could be the best thing that could ever happen to android users, timesofindia reported that android could help you with your alcohol intake quantity.An array of latest android applications will not only help in tracking the amount of liquor consumed over a week and months, but will also issue timely alerts about the same.

Of late, such apps are gaining popularity among youngsters in the city as it helps them to keep a tab on their drinking habits.


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Stop drinking with Andrew Johnson, Saying when: How to quit drinking or cut down, iCan stop drinking, Alcodroid alcohol tracker and other mobile apps easily available on Android and iOS market places, can help in cutting down on drinks.

24-year-old Rohit Vyas, IT professional said, "For the past few months, I was consuming too much alcohol. So I had to take some strict steps to curb it. I have downloaded a mobile app which gives me timely alert if I have consumed more liquor. In this, I have set a time limit of two weeks for not taking alcohol and this app will remind me of the same, if I defy it."

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Mobile apps are even giving an extensive database of alcohol brands for accurate tracking. Information about the health benefits of cutting down is also given. Mobile app Drinkaware helps you to understand the impact of drinking and supports you to change your habits for the better.

"Hanging out generally develops an urge for binge drinking. Apps even ask for details of your frequent hang-outs and even the person with whom you are with. This helps the user to understand that with whom you drink more and maintains complete data," said 28-year-old Jaspreet Ahuja, a software professional. "There has been an increase in the consumption of alcohol over the years. Beer, scotch, whiskey and varieties of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) have gained popularity. Even before dry day, people buy alcohol and keep their stocks ready," said a state excise department official.

On August 14, many alcohol shops across the city are busy in serving alcohol. "Consumers are high on stocking up alcohol as Saturday would be dry day," said Animesh Singh, who owns a liquor shop.
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