Bad News For Fans concerning iPhone 6s Leaks

Bad News For Fans concerning iPhone 6s Leaks
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Apple Inc. is gearing up to launch its much-awaited iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus at its media event scheduled for September 9. The event is due to be held at the 7,000-seater Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.

We take a look at the latest leaks and rumors on the upcoming device which are sure to detract users after the launch.

Smaller Battery

Rumors are that the new iPhone models will support dynamic motion wallpapers. The news has been taken positively but enthusiasts are skeptical as to how the iPhone will support such advanced features when it is expected to be powered by a smaller battery than that of its predecessor.
The iPhone 6s is believed to pack a 1715mAh battery unit, while the iPhone 6s Plus is likely to incorporate a 2750mAh. These are not massive downgrades as compared to the previous iPhone's battery. Although Apple may face the brunt of these minor downgrades, given that the company has been criticized previously for its phones' short battery lives.
Apple has said that its new iOS will be more power-efficient and that its newer models will offer increased battery life. It yet remains to be seen how the company's decision to downgrade its battery will pan out, especially since the new device will run on a far more powerful A9 processor and will also feature an upgraded camera.

iPhone 6s To Be Heavier & Thicker

Sources familiar with the matter, particularly ones which were able to lay their hands on iPhone 6s, have confirmed that Apple has incorporated Force Touch Technology in the new phones. The incorporation, however, does not come with only good news as it is now presumed that the iPhone 6s will be thicker and heavier than previous models. Rumors are the two models will differ in weight by a mere two grams.
More importantly, there is a possibility that Apple may opt for a smaller battery to maintain a thin look for the device. But it is highly likely that the iPhone 6s will be thicker than the previous model.

16GB Base Storage Variant To Continue

Price and packaging leaks on the upcoming iPhone 6s indicate that Apple will continue selling the 16 GB versions of iPhone 6s, instead of upgrading its base model to 32 GB. Apple fans have reacted negatively to the news so far. Much of the negativity stems from the fact that with a 12MP camera pictures and videos will take up significantly more space. Hence, people who purchase the base model will need to buy additional iCloud storage facility to store their pictures and videos.
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