Basic secrets of Blogging you wont see on google

Basic secrets of Blogging
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  Basic secrets of Blogging

I've been trying to find out the best way to blog,but any time i ask google 'how to blog' it keep bringing up the same step-by-step traditional flows of how to blog. but my experience for the past three years in blogging have made me to understand that those step, most of these "how-to "blogs are feeding the poor mass are not really the basic steps of being a successful blogger. If had gotten this information am about to disclose to you a few years back, i would have been at a better place than where i am today. but thank God so far so beautiful.

The basic secrets of how to become a successful blogger is in your ability to tell yourself the truth and answer these "why questions" below.

Below are very important questions i figured out with time,  that i failed to answer before i went into this blogging line, and i must tell your the truth, it punished me severally. and i wont want the lucky you that stumbled on this post to make the same mistakes i did.

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Why do i want to blog / become a blogger?

Do i want to blog because my friend told me they are making money from it?
do i want to blog because i just i want to brag that i own a web site?
do i want to blog because, i love writing articles?
do i want to blog because i love taking photos?
do i want to blog because my friends love listening to my stories
do i want to blog because my friends love my punch lines?

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why do i want to blog about this topics?

why do i want to blog about the celebrities
why do i want to blog on news
why do i want to blog on music

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why should i use this blogging plate form?

why should i use blogger, blog platform
why should i use tumblr blog platform
why should i use wordpress blog platform

Above all, the grand finally of all these questions is, "I'm i truly ready to my marry my computer". You know before now, i used to call blogging a lazy mans job until i discovered this...

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If you are able to give yourself a true answers on these why questions, then your are 50 percent close to becoming a successful blogger.

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