Best but strange camera you have never seen

Best but strange camera you have never seen
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This is one of the best camera you can ever acquire.

Most cameras produce a flat, static 2D image. The Lytro camera is different—in fact, it’s the first consumer camera ever to harness the entire light field…and completely change how you take photos. Get the first generation 16GB Lytro camera for $79.99 at the BGR Store.

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The Lytro camera captures all the rays of light traveling in every direction through a scene, adding a whole new depth to photos and producing 3D-style images that can be manipulated after the photo’s been taken—yeah, it’s just as amazing as it sounds. Plus, it’s lightweight and portable, and you can store up to 750 photos at a time on it, making it the perfect travel buddy. This package comes with the camera, a Micro USB cable, a lens cap, a wrist strap, a cleaner cloth, and a camera sleeve.
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