Can't wait!! iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S Release Date this September Possible

Can't wait!! iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S Release Date this September Possible
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Reports have shown that one of those will be released this september.
Apple is rumored to release either the iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 this coming September. While the consumer electronics manufacturer is silent about it, industry experts looked at the facts and clues that they have at hand, to see what iPhone more likely to be released on September. 
If things are to be weighted logically, it is very likely that the iPhone 6s will come first for the obvious reasons. Other sources such as specs and leaked photos are also hard evidence that the iPhone 6s will come first, if these rumors and leaked photos are legit.
RealyToday said that the leaked photos of the iPhone 6s' front panel confirm the news. The only thing that is somewhat disturbing about the photo is that it is the exact resemblance of the iPhone 6, however, experts are quick to debunk the rumor that the rumored photos are said to be old photos since it is logical to predict that the iPhone 6s will be exactly as the iPhone 6s and the only difference is Siri.

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Another website echoed what RealtyToday has pointed out that it is more logical to predict that 6 come in first before the 7. And to prove their point, Telegraph pointed out some details that will make it too impossible for Apple to release it with a very limited time to work on its features.
First would be the operating system, the iPhone 7 for sure will be equipped with Apple's iOS 9, and as everyone knows, the iOS 9 is still in its Beta stage and has to be launched formally by Apple. Another fact that killed the iPhone 7 rumor was a leaked email from Vodafone that reveals the release of the iPhone 6S on September 25 with pre-orders being accepted on September 18. Although the leaked email seems legit, no confirmation was provided by either Apple or Vodafone.
Another interesting fact that was pointed out by MacWorld is the possibility that the rumored iPhone 7 is the same as iPhone 6s. The tech website considered the fact that Apple is not so good in the naming department and as well as the details such as the similarity of the screen and its Siri features. However, no matter how believable the claim was, still until Apple confirms anything, all are just speculations.
Nonetheless, iPhone 6s or iPhone 7, regardless of who comes first or if the two are one and the same, one thing is very sure to happen, by September Apple will release a new phone that will be sure hit for the market considering how the iPhone 6 performed when it was released.

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