Finally, Apple iPhone 7 & Samsung Galaxy S7 will be released in 2016

Finally, Apple iPhone 7 & Samsung Galaxy S7 will be released in 2016
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Many thought that the iPhone 7 will be released this year, but that may not take place this year. Apple iPhone 7 & Samsung Galaxy S7 to release in 2016 - There were some rumors early in the year as to whether iPhone-maker Apple would release a next-gen iPhone 7 at some point during 2015, but it now seems a certainty that the next iPhone launch from Apple will be an iPhone 6S.

With the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus likely to be accompanied by an iPhone 6c, the smartphone scenario of 2016 is already being prepared for an intense battle between the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy S7.
Recent research has indicated that Apple now shifts more iPhone units in China than even in the US market, and any slowdown or recession in this country would naturally be serious for the company.
The California-based company has several new products in the pipeline for 2016, with many of its iconic ranges due to be updated, along with new devices pegged for release. But whatever else Apple releases, it is certain that the iPhone 7 will play a major role in its success or otherwise. 

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With Samsung rebranding its Galaxy Note Edge phablet this year, it is clear that the South Korean company wants to make series inroads into Apple's iPhone series with its Galaxy S smartphone. The Galaxy S7 will give tough competition to Apple in 2016, and Samsung has the advantage of releasing its device long before the iPhone hit the markets.
It must be noted that not only Apple experienced a fabulous 2014 and a brilliant first half of 2015, but Samsung is increasingly being challenged within its core markets and niches. Samsung always relied on a particularly strong performance in its native East Asia, but now more affordable and bargain basement manufacturers of Android devices are challenging the position of the company in this region.
Research firm Gartner Inc's study suggested that Apple is now selling more mobile phone across the world than Samsung. Certainly, Apple has been the world's most prominent consumer electronics company for some time, but the ability to outmatch Samsung in volume turns emphasizes the development of the firm.
Samsung has been linked with producing a mass market 4K resolution mobile throughout 2015, and Galaxy S7 could be the device to benefit from this technology being introduced.
Apple would like to respond to the earlier Galaxy S7 release with an impressive iPhone unit. The iPhone has been linked with notable camera technology, with a professional standard DSLR snapper and a unique periscope designed both mooted for the device.
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