Graphic Photo + Video|| Alien Monster That Has Human Form Found somewhere in India

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In Jodhpur's Bawadi village in Rajasthan India,  villagers were digging a well and uncovered what is described as a "human-like" creature by some, an "alien-hybrid" by others, a "humanoid," and "little man," according to different reports.

According to India Trend, A 'little man' was found, which looks like an alien or little human. Found during excavations in the small human hand holding a man's picture is posed, which social media is quite viral. It looks a bit like the aliens. Scientists will say that it is only an unborn baby, perhaps an aborted fetus which was buried to hide the fact. Others will mention genetic abnormalities, diseases such as hydrocephalus, etc..

However, a watchful eyes realize that this baby has a strangely developed muscles. It can be an aborted fetus but probably that it's not a human fetus - or at less - An unknown human specie. One can not rule out the hypothesis of the bizarre creature to be an alien hybrid."

If any reader has photoshop experience, we would love to know if this image that has gone viral has been altered or photoshopped into the picture because this simply so creepy it seems unbelievable that it could it be real.

Video below

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