iPhone 6S: Release Date, Specs News, to include better camera

iPhone 6S: Release Date, Specs News, to include better camera
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Apple has been following a regular announcement plan for its upcoming devices, including the iPhones, iPads, and the MacBooks. However, this year, the Cupertino manufacturer made some significant changes, one of which is the announcement of the ultra-thin MacBook 2015, and updated versions of the MacBook Air and Pro.
Does this mean that Apple will also be making some changes to the announcement of its upcoming iPhones?

Apple's iPhone 7 
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According to a report by News Australia, that may be the case after rumors leak out that the upcoming iPhone 6s release date would be held on Sept. 9. If this would indeed be the announcement of the new iPhone, then that will make it at least a week earlier from previous press events.
Apple usually unveils its newest iPhones during the second week of September, and by the following week, the device ist on sale on stores. So what's different this year, and what could have caused the change schedule?
Previous reports are claiming that the iPhone's biggest competitor, the Galaxy Note series, will be unveiled much earlier, Aug. 13 to be exact. Several reports are also claiming that the high-end Android phablet would be unveiled earlier in order for it to gain some steam in the market even before the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, and possibly the iPhone 6c get announced in September.
And as a result, Apple has made the press launch a week earlier.
Based on previous rumors, the upcoming iPhone 6s, as well as its bigger sibling the iPhone 6s Plus will boast the company's famed Force Touch technology. This innovation enables the phone's display to store different data based on the pressure applied by the user. With the help of this technology, the smartphone can be unlocked not only by using the phone's fingerprint scanner, but also the pressure sensor.
In addition, there is also a possibility that apps can be launched directly from the lock screen depending on the pressure applied by the owner.
Aside from the Force Touch tech, the upcoming upgraded versions of the iPhone 6 would allegedly pack better camera sensors as well. A source from mobile manufacturer Foxconn claims that the new iPhones will boast 12MP rear cameras

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