iPhone 7 'Phone Of The Future' Release Date, Features

iPhone 7 'Phone Of The Future' Release Date, Features
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If the Iphone 6 could posses such great features, what will the iphone7 be like?
iPhone 7 Release Date, Features: Analyst Calls New iPhone 'Phone Of The Future' - If the rumors and speculations are true, Apple fans and supporters will have a lot to be excited about as the new flagship iPhone - likely called iPhone 7 or iPhone 6s - due to be released this year will have some major upgrades.

The iPhone 7 may include higher-resolution displays than current models, which could match current 2K displays that are available on Android devices.
The new iPhone will incorporate a camera that's at least as good as Samsung Galaxy S6, particularly when it comes to aperture size.

It may have two rear cameras, a feature that will allow you to capture 3D photos and video and would enable other work related features and services.
The smartphone would be a higher-capacity NAND memory module (256GB). Market analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has labeled the new iPhone 7 as "the phone of the feature" because of its rumored features, but failed to give any specific release date.
If rumors are true, it looks like Apple is gearing toward releasing an iPhone 7 Plus, apart from the usual 4.7-in iPhone 7.
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