See a Beautiful Chinese girl's 3 weeks visit in the deepest African wilderness

Beautiful Chinese girl's 3 weeks in the deepest African wilderness
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Xu Jing in traditional dress in northern Kenya. (Xinhua photo)
NAIROBI, Aug. 30 (Xinhua) -- Xu Jing's three weeks sojourn in Kenya's Turkana County was a transformational experience to the 21-year-old business graduates whose love for adventure is unrivalled.
Like many new to Africa, Xu had learnt about Kenya's remote outposts through movies hence her desire to visit there and sample the scenic attractions associated with them.
During a recent interview with Xinhua, Xu recounted an epic journey to Kenya's wild west that not only broadened her world views but also imparted in her noble values like empathy, team work, generosity and care.

Xu Jing poses for a photo with a local elder in northern Kenya (Xinhua photo)
"I was living in Nairobi when I met a Kenyan friend whose ancestral village is in Turkana County. He invited me to visit the land of his forebears and I could not turn down the kind gesture," Xu told Xinhua.
The long and treacherous journey to Turkana did not scare Xu, since she had prepared herself psychologically for any eventuality.
Along the journey, Xu marveled at picturesque landscapes and the sight of herbivores foraging unperturbed by carnivores lurking in the shadows.
When she landed in Turkana County, Xu was plunged into a cruel environment whose byword is hunger, thirst and a close shave with wild animals.
A local women in northern Kenya fetches camel milk. (Xinhua photo)
"The sun was too hot during my initial visit to Turkana but my desire to gain knowledge about the community living there remained strong. The natives were very hospitable and I enjoyed the daily interaction," Xu told Xinhua.
Xu had nostalgic memories of a three weeks sojourn to a county dreaded by both Kenyans and foreigners due to its harsh terrain, hunger, thirst and contagious diseases.
"At any given day, Turkana can be extremely hot and few people can endure the endemic food and water scarcity. I witnessed people trek for miles in search of water," said Xu.
She was keen to learn how natives survived in the harsh terrain and sometimes joined local women as they trekked along jungles populated with wild animals to look for an oasis where they would draw water.
Xu Jing poses for a photo with local people in northern Kenya. (Xinhua photo)
Sleeping inside a mud hut was sometimes a nightmare to Xu, but she became accustomed to the new life aware that she was on a bigger mission.
"Sometimes I stepped out of the hut and enjoyed a chat with elders by the fireside. The nights were freezing cold and the clear skies were a sight to behold,"Xu said.
"Everyone who heard about my epoch sojourn in Turkana was greatly impressed and wished they had a similar experience. My life has changed for the better after living with a community that is on the margins," Xu said.
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