Steps On How to change icons on the iPhone 6

Steps On How to change icons on the iPhone 6
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Here's a great feature you can learn on your own, according to PhoneArena its now possible to change the icons of your iPhone6.
Tired of that same old look of the icons on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? Yes, Apple does a great job with icon design, but sometimes you need a little bit of extra flare and customization to really make your phone stand out.

Luckily, there is more than one app that does just that on the Apple App Store. Our favorite application for this task is Iconical, a $1.99 purchase that would allow you full control over the looks of your icons.

Iconical is not just about this, though: it allows you to create quick and useful shortcuts to particular actions right on your home screen? Tired of having to go into the dialer, then favorites, then find your loved one to call them? You can replace this whole action with a simple shortcut created in Iconical (naturally, you can customize the looks of that shortcut icon).

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Shortcut icons are supported for over 17,000 applications and shortcut actions are available for over 250 apps. Take a look at the possibilities with Iconical icon customizations right below.
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