The Lenzcase adds reading glasses to your iPhone

The Lenzcase adds reading glasses to your iPhone
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Sometime ago, we learned "iPhone cases that do more than protect your phone," there are iPhone cases that can pay for things, iPhone cases with built-in headphones, even iPhone cases that pack an extra SIM card for when you travel overseas. Oh, and who can forget the iPhone stun-gun case?
Even with options as diverse as those, I'll bet you never saw this coming: Lenzcase is an iPhone case with built-in reading glasses. Or it will be: Currently it's a Kickstarter project seeking $28,000 in funding.
This is exactly what it sounds like: An iPhone case (currently iPhone 6 only, with the possibility of 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy 6 and other versions down the road) with a set of reading glasses tucked away inside a rear enclosure.
Keep your cheaters tucked away until you need them. Lenzcase
That enclosure adds just over a quarter inch of extra depth to your iPhone, so the entire package is not overly bulky. Each Lenzcase comes with four sets of lenses -- +2.0, +2.5, +3.0 and +3.5 -- though obviously only one fits inside the case at a time.
When you need it, you just push in slightly and the lenses pop out via a spring-loading mechanism.
The idea here is to free you from having to carry around a bulky eyeglass case, or from wearing "cheaters" on a chain around your neck all the time. If you're someone who occasionally reaches for a pair of specs to help make out small print, this might be a handy accessory.
I say "might be" because there's one key limitation: the lenses don't have arms, so you can't leave them on your face -- you have to hold them up to your eyes for as long as you need to read.
Assuming that's OK with you, early backers can score a Lenzcase for $28 shipped, with delivery expected in December. And if this does sound like a winning idea, you should definitely grab that deal, because the product will retail for $79 (plus shipping) once it goes into production.
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