The New iPhone battery lasts more than a week

The New iPhone battery lasts more than a week
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 New iPhone battery prototype lasts more than a week
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This may be the best feature iPhone users could get. A British company claims to have created a working iPhone fuel cell which would let users go for a week without recharging.
Intelligent Energy has miniaturised a ‘fuel cell’ which works using hydrogen and oxygen – and has a working prototype inside an iPhone 6 casing.
The fuel cell uses layers of steel and breathable plastic to ‘burn’ oxygen and hydrogen, with small vents on the back to release water vapour.

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Fuel cells operate in a similar fashion to batteries, but require fuel to ‘burn’.
Instead of topping up with electricity, users would top up with hydrogen gas via a specially adapted headphone socket.

The company already makes hydrogen-burning devices which can be used to ‘top up’ devices such as smartphones – but has never made a cell small enough to fit inside a smartphone.
‘To our knowledge this has never been done before,’ Intelligent Energy CEO Henri Winand told the Telegraph.
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