Wow, the iPhone Is Getting a Feature That No Other Phone Has

the iPhone Is Getting a Feature That No Other Phone Has
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A new discovery by popsurgar  says that, Apple wants your phone to be your go-to personal assistant, which is why so many of iOS 9's features are focused on making life easier. And we're excited about one in particular— Apple will start suggesting who an unknown caller might be by scanning your email and showing the name right on your incoming-call screen. Of course, if it's a complete stranger, it probably won't work, but it's great for all those times your co-workers or extended family give you a ring. 

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You can download apps that work in much the same way and Android announced a similar plan in 2013 with information from Google Plus profiles, but no other software has this email-searching service built into the phone. iOS 9 is available now for developers and vis public beta. Everyone else can download it in the Fall. While you wait for it to come out, check out all the other flashy features you might have missed from Apple's big announcements. 

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