Wow!! Volkswagen Group's five most important cars

Wow!! Volkswagen Group's five most important cars
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Volkswagen and also Audi, Skoda, Seat, Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini and Bugatti acolytes - recently became the largest car company in the world in terms of sales for the first half of 2015.
In total, the VW group moved 5.04 million vehicles compared to 5.02 million by the Toyota, Daihatsu, Scion and Lexus conglomerate over the same period.

So here are the five most significant cars in the VW group's history.

VW Beetle

The original Beetle was an important money gatherer through never fulfilled ownership subscriptions for the Third Reich. This was long before it was made into the beginnings of a successful car company by British occupying forces as part of a rehabilitation scheme after the hostilities.
It went on to sell in its millions and was assembled in Australia and New Zealand.

VW Golf

Few car companies strike gold once, but VW proved that it can happen twice with the front-drive Golf - one of VW's first - going on to out-sell even the Beetle by tens of millions.
With three, four, five and six cylinder engines, diesel and petrol optional all-wheel-drive and wagon, convertible and utility bodies, there's always been a Golf for everyone and there still is.

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Audi Quattro

By proving the usefulness of all-wheel-drive for ordinary cars by clearing all before it in the World Rallying Championship theatre, Audi introduced Quattro which had as important an effect on the future of motor cars as the Beetle and Golf.

Since its introduction, almost every car company worth its salt has introduced four driven wheels as standard or as an option.

Porsche 911

No cars have lasted in the market and remained as competitive in terms of sales and performance as long as the 911.
However, Porsche would have to admit that in recent years the decisions to also create the Cayenne and Macan SUVs and the Panamera sedan help provide the financial impetus to continue with its standard-setting, stock-in-trade sportscar.

Skoda Yeti

It could be any of the Superb, Octavia and Yeti models in this slot. From being a useful spin-off from the VW brand, Skoda is now involved in producing and using platforms even before its parent VW employs them.
In a recent JD Power satisfaction and quality survey, these three Skodas were featured in the top five best cars along with Jaguar and Lexus models.
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