WTF!!! TransGenders Can Now Have Menstral FLow (Period)

WTF!!! Transgenders Can Now Have Menstrual Flow (Period)
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Can someone pls head me on the head to wake up!!! A company based in California called Sappho-Luxe has designed a special tampon for transgenders called “Fem-Flo”. Trannies who had their eggplants chopped off and replaced with artificial vaginas and who are eager to experience monthly menstrual periods can now use this.
The tampons are available in 3 sizes to fit new post-op trannies as well as trannies who are fully dilated and want to experience a heavy monthly flow. Each tampon contains small vegetable-based capsules that react to body temperature to slowly release menses (blood). The fluid also helps to keep the artificial vaginas conditioned and dilated after surgery.

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“We are hoping to bring each trans-woman closer to the full female experience and diminish body dysmorphia triggers altogether,” said company founder, Cheryl Goldsmith.
“Fem-Flo Petite” is for the trans-woman who is still working to achieve maximum dilation, yet still wants to produce menses. “Fem-Flo Intermediate” provides dilation and an average amount of menstruation. And last, but not least, the “Fem-Flo Lush” for the trans-woman who wishes to enjoy “heavy” menstruation. “Our product is designed to give post-op trans-gender women the full-spectrum experience of menstruation. You don’t have to be deprived of the beautiful and womanly occurrence of menstruation merely because you were born without uterus.”
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