5 Reasons Why a Man Breaks Up With His Partner

5 Reasons Why a Man Breaks Up With His Partner
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Breaking up is incredibly difficult. But if you do decide to part ways with your significant other, the way you go about doing it is just as important, if not more important, than your reasons for the breakup. According to a 1,802 person survey conducted by Mic this past April using Google Consumer Surveys, more 25 to 34 years olds are ending their relationships the old-fashioned way. As sad as breaking up is, no matter the reason, it’s good to know that most are having the uncomfortable breakup conversation in person and aren’t resorting to ghosting.

A surprising 72.4% said they usually break up “in person,” while only 5.6% said they “avoid the conversation” all together and let the relationship just fade away. When it comes to actually being dumped, about 55% of 25 to 34 year olds said they’ve been broken up with in person, 16.8% say it was done over the phone, 7.2% say it faded out over time, and finally 7.1% reported they’ve been broken up with over text message.
“Face-to-face or phone contact is a must,” therapist Alison Arnold told WebMD. “It’s important to give the person with whom you are ending the relationship the chance to ask questions and feel the sentiment underneath the words.”
Before the actual break-up occurs, there are some common reasons as to why the relationship wasn’t working in the first place. Once you recognize what’s wrong, and realize the relationship is not working for you, make sure to be a gentlemen and go about ending it face-to-face.
Here are five of the most common reasons why men break up with women.
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1. The timing is off

Unfortunately, when it comes to relationships, timing is key. If you’re not ready to commit, no matter how amazing the other person may be, it’s not going to work out. Men tend to wait until every other aspect of their lives are in order — whether it’s finishing school or feeling secure in their jobs — before surrendering to the industrial marriage complex. Only then will a potential relationship work out.
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2. You’re not finished playing the field

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Ah, the grass is always greener. Even if you’re already in a great relationship, men can’t help but wonder if they can get something better. If you’re already thinking this way, chances are your partner is not the right one for you.
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3. You’re fixated on worst-case scenarios

Unfortunately, your brain starts to keep a mental checklist of everything your partner does that bothers you, like chastising you for leaving the toilet seat up. This list gets filed away, but once guys start to reconsider the relationship, they’ll begin fixating on everything that irritates them.
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4. You’re not fully in love

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This is one of the most common reasons why guys bolt. Just because you like someone a lot doesn’t mean that it is guaranteed to evolve into love, and men tend to be very intuitive on this front. Sadly, some guys will stay in a relationship — even though they know it will ultimately end. If you know your partner isn’t the one, tell him or her as soon as you realize it.
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5. You’re too into your partner

Men are just as protective of their emotions as women and are very scared of getting hurt. Some men find themselves in a situation with a woman where they know they’ll be destroyed if she dumps them, and end up launching a preemptive strike and pulling the plug first. Some guys don’t like to feel emotionally needy, and ditch their partner in order to save themselves. It’s done merely to avoid possible future pain.

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