Event: Gospel: Rhema Oil Program 2015

Event Gospel: Rhema Oil Program 2015
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In this world of uncertainty, we need oil to scale through, that’s why God’s servant Prophet Chinonso Aniebo is bringing to us Rhema Oil.
For clarity, Rhema means the word of God now. We need oil that carries the spoken word. The word that humble adversities, trials and tribulation, yet empowers for exploit.
The 2015 Rhema Oil Program is Titled, “My Faulty Foundation must Change” with the theme “ The Anointing”. Every family in Africa has a faulty foundation and until the foundation is corrected nothing good comes out of such families just as the scriptures in (Psa_11:3 If the foundations be destroyed: what can the righteous do?)

When the anointing of God in Rhema Oil comes upon a soul, the bearer of that soul will never remain the same. God of Elijah through his Servant Prophet Chinonso Aniebo has been doing marvelous wonders in the lives of his people through Rhema Oil. It is a deliverance and family liberation program that has brought healing and deliverance to many. Below is a deliverance session of 2013 program where a sister vomited a padlock invoked into her by her father

I don’t know how difficult the situation of your life has become but I want to tell you that a rusty key releases when it encounter oil. Come and encounter the oil that releases every rusty keys to your destiny, no matter how rusty the situation in your life has become, it’s your time to shine. The oil as of old is still available for you, yes you.
Come September 8-12, 2015, your faulty foundation will bow to the oil with a spoken word, lives will be transformed, destinies will be restored, faulty foundations must be corrected and fresh anointing will flow in the lives of God’s people.
God is on his throne to restore life to those whose lives had lost the flavor of living, it’s your time, it’s your turn, and your faulty foundation must change under the oil of anointing.
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