GIST360 Surprise Birthday Goes to DJ PaJeh

GIST360 Surprise Birthday Goes to DJ PaJeh
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Enugu Stand up! Nigeria stand up!! music industries stand up!!! its going down tonight, Its the young Pa jeh BIRTHDAY TODAY, The club is going down tonight. Itsssssssss gonnaaa be party till MAMAs call.

We the Gist360 Family and friends want to take this medium to say a big SHOUT OUT to DJ Pa J. CEO Sweet Music Entertainment, follow his music blog via

You can hook up with on facebook with the " DjPajeh Francis" and on twitter " @Yungdjpajeh " an for your your online music promotion visit his music blog

DJ Pajeh pls use the comment box to tell where the venue is going to .. Gist360 CEO we be there live, for those of you who wants to meet me for real keep checking the comment box as the day run down.

Gist360 friends, pls share and show him some love

Is your friends birthday coming soon? Tell it to Gist360 now, we have surprise for for detail
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