iPhone 7 Release Date Rumor: Sept. 6 2016 Launch Leaked

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 iPhone 7 Rumored Image
According to idigitaltimes iPhone 7 conspiracy theories are flooding the internet since the release of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The latest rumor regarding the next generation of the phone includes possible release dates in 2016.

According to PC Advisor, Apple will likely stick to its pattern of a fall release for the new model. The United Kingdom-based technology site reported that Tuesday September 9 or Tuesday September 16 are highly possible for the phone’s release date across the pond. While the site doesn’t specifically mention the United States release date, Apple released the iPhone 6s in the United States and the UK on the same day.

Among other recent rumors are about the iPhone 7 are that an A10 chip said to be included in the phone. According to Geek.com, Apple has begun placing orders for parts for the iPhone 7. Among the parts is the A10 chip (SoC) that is the heart of the smartphone. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has allegedly secured an exclusive supply contract for the A10 chip, which features rumored dimensions at 16nm. Geek.com also reported that TSMC is contracted to start volume production of the A10 chip beginning in March 2016.

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The size of the iPhone 7 has also been leaked. The phone is said to be much thinner than the current 6s model. The size of the iPhone 7 could be less than 6.5mm, comparable to the super thin frame of the iPod Touch . The iPhone 7 is also rumored to be manufactured with most of the specs included in the iPhone 6s but the phone may be built without 4K

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