Land Rover's new bulletproof SUV is a tank dressed in a tuxedo

Land Rover's new bulletproof SUV is a tank dressed in a tuxedo, Land Rover's new bulletproof SUV
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Range Rover Sentinel(Jaguar Land Rover) This article was first post on finance
A view of the Range Rover Sentinel, Land Rover's armored version of the luxury SUV.
For most people, car safety means airbags, stability control, and crash-avoidance technology that help spare us and our passengers from serious injury.
But, for a select few — think heads of state and corporate CEOs — those features would barely scratch the surface.
The address that, Land Rover has put together a bulletproof, explosion-proof road tank called the Range Rover Sentinel. From all appearances, the Sentinel looks like your everyday six-figure luxury SUV. This one, however, might actually save your life.
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The Range Rover Sentinel is a product of Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) unit, the same division that produces insanely fast versions of its standard SUVs.
To produce the Sentinel, the automaker takes the top-of-the-line, $140,000 Range Rover Autobiography model and turns it into a fortress with:
  • A reinforced passenger cell that can withstand armor-piercing incendiary bullets
  • Super high-strength steel that can take blasts from hand-grenade explosions
  • A tamper-proof exhaust system
  • Self-sealing fuel tank that prevents leaks if the tank is punctured
  • A backup battery and run-flat tires

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Range Rover Sentinel

(Jaguar Land Rover) Another view of the armored Range Rover Sentinel, the first bulletproof vehicle designed in-house at Land Rover.
Naturally, all of that reinforced steel and glass makes the already heavy Range Rover (standard weight: more than 5,000 lbs) even heavier. But, engineers have retooled the Sentinel's suspension to compensate for that. The 510-horsepower V8 helps, too. There's no point in dodging armor-piercing bullets and grenades if you can't haul this beast out of harm's way.

You can see the bulletproof Range Rover Sentinel in action here

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