Latest Update on Microsoft Corporation Upcoming Lumia Smartphones Running Windows 10

Latest Update on Microsoft Corporation Upcoming Lumia Smartphones Running Windows 10
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The Latest On Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Upcoming Lumia Smartphones Running Windows 10

The tech giant Microsoft Corporation is believed to launch new Lumia smartphones at its hardware event scheduled for October 6. There have been many rumors going around about the new Lumia flagship devices; the latest reveal that the tech giant might well launch more than two smartphones next month.
Apple Inc. and Google Inc. have seemingly established a stranglehold within the smartphone industry in recent years and are giving no signs of giving up that duopoly. This leaves Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile the gargantuan task of propelling the company’s mobile division to unprecedented heights if it is to challenge the likes of iOS and Android.
Microsoft may have left many it’s in wake with its Windows for PC platform; however it is the mobile division that has disappointed millions over the globe. This might be because the company has a lack of applications available for its mobile platform or because it no longer has the flagship devices that could attract buyers; the latter was also admitted by Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella.
With the upcoming Windows 10 Hardware event, the company is expected to launch a new plethora of products, with most being targeted (alongside the hotly anticipated Windows 10 Mobile platform) towards the smartphone industry.

Rumors have indicated that Microsoft will unveil the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL smartphones next month. The Lumia 950 is said to feature a 5.2-inch OLED display with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels. The smartphone is believed to be powered by the Snapdragon 808 processor alongside 3GB RAM, and will be providing users with 32GB of internal storage capacity.
The Lumia 950 is likely to be accompanied by its elder sibling, the Lumia 950XL. The phablet is likely to go up against the likes of Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus and Samsung’s Note 5 after its launch. The Lumia 950XL is expected to be incorporating similar specs as the Lumia 950, which includes the 20 megapixel (MP) PureView rear shooter complimented by a 5MP front camera.
One should take note that recent rumors speculate that the company is planning to introduce mid-tier phones at its upcoming October event. According to AdDuplex CEO, Alan Mendelevich, Microsoft will be introducing a Lumia 750 in over a week’s time. Mr. Mendelevich took to Twitter to reveal his insight into the rumored device. According to his tweets, the Lumia 750 will be featuring 5-inch display, and will likely be powered by the Snapdragon 410 alongside 1GB of RAM. The CEO further added that the device will be supporting 8GB of internal storage with the option to expand memory courtesy of a Micro-SD card slot. The Lumia 750 is tipped to feature 8MP and 5MP rear and front cameras, whereas the battery unit is expected to measure in at 2650mAh.

While a mid-tier Windows Phone said to be on the cards, there is some good news for those on a tight budget. Microsoft is also reported to introduce an entry level smartphone at the upcoming media event. The rumored Lumia 550 could come with a 4.7-inch 720p display and a Snapdragon 210 processor, coupled with 1GB of RAM.
It is pertinent to note that the aforementioned smartphones are yet to be confirmed by Microsoft, and we won’t be surprised if the company does end up launching different market segment-targeting smartphones this October.

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