Microsoft Corporation Soon To Launch Surface Phone By October

Microsoft Corporation To Launch Surface Phone By October
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Microsoft Corporation Believed To Launch Surface Phone At October’s Windows 10 Hardware Event

This is the best time for microsoft to make it better. It’s fair to say that Microsoft Corporation needs to come up with something truly revolutionary if it is to compete against the likes of Apple Inc. and Google Inc. The latter have been dominating the smartphone market with their respective iOS and Android operating systems, thereby leaving Windows in its wake. Microsoft is scheduled to hold its October 6th Windows 10 Hardware event and we have enough reason to believe that it might just be launching a Surface Phone.
Microsoft hasn’t had success in the smartphone industry despite partnering with Nokia in previous years and launching its Lumia series of smartphones. However, the company has the option to introduce another recognizable Windows Phone brand, one that is related to its popular Surface series of devices.

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The rumor mill has been churning out news about Microsoft launching new Lumia smartphones at its upcoming October event. However, one shouldn’t overlook the speculation regarding a possible unveiling of a Surface Phone.
Microsoft has experienced massive success with its Surface Pro line up of tablets and it would be a brilliant idea to expand its portfolio into the smartphone market, and with Windows 10 Mobile fast approaching it couldn’t have been more fitting to introduce a Surface Phone, which could possibly revive its struggling mobile division.
According to rumors, the Surface Phone would prove to be an intimidating challenger to the likes of Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus and the recently launched Galaxy S6 Edge+. The smartphone is believed to feature a 5.5-inch AMOLED display having an impressive resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels. The device is rumored to be powered by a 64-bit Intel processor alongside 4GB RAM, something which fits Microsoft’s vision to introduce Continuum in the upcoming Windows 10 Mobile platform, which will allow users to use it as a Windows 10 PC, imagine having the power of a computer in your palms.

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Although the upcoming Lumia smartphones are looking every bit like the flagships fans have long been waiting for, the introduction of a Surface Phone would help the company gain some much needed traction in the smartphone industry.
Microsoft will be holding its Windows 10 Hardware event in New York on October 6; don’t be surprised if the company does decide to lift the covers off a Surface Phone. Stay tuned for more information regarding the alleged Surface Phone in the coming weeks.
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