New Innovation: Apple Inc. Fuel Cell Technology Can Power MacBook For Weeks

New Innovation: Apple Inc. Fuel Cell Technology Can Power MacBook For Weeks
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This could be the best technology ever. A patent published by the US Patent and Trademark Office yesterday, lists a fuel-cell system, to operate Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) products without a battery. Reportedly, the device is so far specifically meant to power MacBooks. It can keep a single device duly energized, for “days or even weeks.”
The patent surfaced just weeks after British firm Intelligent Energy claimed a smartphone breakthrough with the development of a prototype of an iPhone powered with a built-in hydrogen fuel cell. It contains both a patented technology and rechargeable battery which combined hydrogen and oxygen to create electricity.
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However, the latest patent refers to a “portable computing device”, referencing Apple’s MagSafe system, which indicates that a MacBook is the product in question. Such fuel-cell systems require fuel replenishment every week which the patent suggests can be addressed with the use of removable cartridges; once fuel in the system is exhausted. The most likely implementation of such a system would use a combination of conventional batteries and fuel cells; in order to facilitate conventional recharge through a power socket as well as via the fuel cell whenever extended wireless use is needed.

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Bidness Etc believes fuel-cell technology has unarguable merits. However, its commercial deployment in Apple's devices, may be quite tedious given that the added dimensions of the fuel cell would affect product design. Moreover, the cost fuel cell maintenance and their impact on the environment may prove to be limiting factors to the success of the new technology.
So far, there is no official confirmation nor any dependable estimate about the timeline associated with Apple's ability to launch the fuel cells, commercially in its notebooks. Companies file hundreds and thousands of patents; many of which do not end up as commercially viable products. So its early to confirm that the technology will feature in Apple Macbooks; any time soon.
The boon of modern-day smartphones is the lack of battery life and long recharge times. Clearly, improvements in display features and in processor speeds have outpaced enhancements in battery life.

Apple isn’t the only company to invest in battery tech. Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) also continues to explore the possibilities through Qnovo’s adaptive charging tech, confirms a report published yesterday. The company led an $8.6 million financing round with a software that analyzes how a battery charges and adapts its current in real-time to optimize the process. Chief Executive of Qnovo, Nadim Maluf believes the technology can be made available for multiple smartphones, by next year.

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