Apple's iOS 9.1 Is Here - Here's Everything You're Getting

Apple's iOS 9.1 Is Here - Here's Everything You're Getting
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If you love emojis, Apple (AAPL - Get Report) has a treat for you.
Apple publicly released the latest version of iOS 9 -- iOS 9.1 -- which includes updates to Live Photos and 150 new emojis.

Live Photos will now sense when you raise or lower your iPhone so that it won't record those moments. In addition, there are more than 150 new emojis as part of the update, including a smiley face with glasses, a thinking emoji, an emoji with dollar signs for eyes and on its tongue, and lots more.
Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple also updated the stability for CarPlay, its initial entrance into the automobile market, as well as Safari, Apple Music, Photos and Search.

The update, released Wednesday afternoon, follows the release of iOS 9, which had several new features. Apple is working to increase the usefulness of its mobile operating system.

Included in the release of iOS 9 was a proactive Siri. With the upgrade, Siri can now make recommendations for you without being asked. You can ask Siri things like "pull up my karaoke pictures" and it will know to pull up those specific photos. It can also make suggestions based off time of day, doing simple everyday tasks such as reminding you to make lunch.
Apple Maps also got an upgrade with transit directions coming to the app. Apple also unveiled its Apple News App, its entrance into the publishing industry.

Apple has also worked on improving battery life as part of iOS 9. Apple claims to have added as much as an hour to your phone's battery, thanks to some behind the scenes changes in iOS 9. In a review, The Wall Street Journal found it was able to get an extra 40 minutes of juice, using a rigorous test.
According to Apple's developer support page, 61% of iDevices are running the new operating system, while 30% of users are still using iOS 8. The rest of Apple's users are running earlier versions of iOS.
Here's everything Apple updated as part of iOS 9.1

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