BlackBerry Priv: Fixes Android’s Security Flaws

BlackBerry Priv: Fixes Android’s Security Flaws
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We all know android have a lot of security issues. BlackBerry claims that while Android is terrible at protecting users’ privacy, they need not worry as its new device fixes the issue well. The new device in question is the BlackBerry Priv, which is expected to debut next month.

 Making Android more secure

Citing a recent Cambridge University study, David Kleidermacher said that nine of ten Android devices are exposed to a critical vulnerability that puts the communications and personal data of customers at risk.
“It’s not a good situation,” Kleidermacher said, adding, “However, we at BlackBerry think we can do better. PRIV™ by BlackBerry® will bring BlackBerry mobile privacy, security and productivity to the Android world.” The executive said the BlackBerry Priv offers its privacy-minded users and enterprises a no-compromise experience
The fact that BlackBerry has performed “extensive surgery under the hood” makes the Priv more secure than other Android devices, said Kleidermacher. The device comes with a patented picture-login, WatchDox private file sharing, BBM Meetings private conferences and SecuSUITE private voice calls. Certified cryptography from BlackBerry Certicom is also employed by the device, noted Kleidermacher.
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