Good news!! Leaked Screenshots Shows Apple Music Coming To Android Soon

Good news!! Leaked Screenshots Shows Apple Music Coming To Android Soon
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Apple Music Android

For real Apple Music is set to be released to Android in the near future, with screen shots of the upcoming app having been released. These screen shots show some very interesting design choices from Apple.
(Photo : Mobile Geek)
Apple's new music streaming service, Apple Music, has become a very popular service since its launch in June of this year. Apple, however, hasn't been reaching as many people as it could have been.
New screen shots have been leaked by a German website that appear to show Apple Music on an Android smart phone, highlighting the fact that Apple is set to release an Android app for Apple Music and showing off what that app might look like.

The new app will only be the second ever released to an Android device, and the first that isn't designed to help people stop using Android phones. The first was the Move to iOS app, aimed at backing up data and photos to transfer them to an iPhone.
For the most part it seems as though this app will be very similar to the iOS version of the app. It will feature Beats 1 Radio, access to all of the Apple Music catalog and a recommendation engine to help users find new tunes to listen to.
While similar, however, the Android version of the app won't be exactly the same. For example, it will not allow users to change the cache size for songs that are saved for offline playback. It's not yet known if Android users will actually be able to determine where this cache is located on the device.
Interestingly enough, Apple has also opted to incorporate a number of Android design cues rather than try to make a full Apple experience on an Android device. This is different from Google's own iOS apps, which make no attempt to blend into the Apple ecosystem but rather adhere to Google's material design philosophy.
It's not yet known exactly when Apple will release the Apple Music Android app, however many suggest that it will arrive sometime next month.
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