iPhone 7 Rumors: Bevel-less Screen, No Buttons For A Top-To-Bottom & Edge-To-Edge Display

iPhone 7 Rumors: Bevel-less Screen, No Buttons For A Top-To-Bottom & Edge-To-Edge Display
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iPhone 7 Rumors: 4K Bevel-less Display, No Buttons For A Top-To-Bottom & Edge-To-Edge Screen

The iPhone 7 may have a bevel-less, top-to-bottom screen that mimics the defining feature of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The edge-to-edge display rumor comes courtesy of the Taiwan’s DigiTimes, who reported that the Apple suppliers, such as Corning and Asahi Glass out of Japan, have been sending out touchscreen glass samples that would allow the iPhone 7 to have a bevel-less display.

Even more interesting is that these samples are glass-on-glass technology, a technology Apple used between 2007-2011 to design their iPhones. It works by sandwiching a glass touch panel between an LCD display and the actual iPhone cover glass.
Apple migrated from this technology for the iPhone 5 to save on space and allow for thinner carriages, adopting something Apple calls in-cell technology instead. This eliminated the top layer of glass and integrated the glass touch panel directly into the LCD display.

However, supply chain bottlenecks have been a recurrent problem for Apple with their in-cell technology and even led to massive worldwide shortage of the iPhone 6s Plus this last release cycle, especially with the Rose Gold iPhone 6s Plus.
The major advantage of glass-on-glass technology? Its ability to have better sensitivity around the edges, which is something Apple is surely looking into.

A designer in the Czech Republic by the name of Marek Weidlich has taken the liberty of creating a mock-up of what the iPhone 7’s bevel-less display could look like, and the results are fantastic. His idea incorporates the other iPhone 7 rumor of Apple taking advantage of their 3D Touch technology to eliminate the home screen button. If Apple decides to go that route, hopefully they’ll come up with a new way of soft-resetting the iPhone 7 as well
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