Is Microsoft Corporation Obsessed With Apple Inc.?

Is Microsoft Corporation Obsessed With Apple Inc.?
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We got a good article for you guys today from TechNewsToday at the state of obsession Microsoft Corporation has with Apple Inc., as Google is trying to pit its Chrome OS against Windows and Mac OS X, moreover Apple with its newly-introduced iPad Pro takes on Microsoft's Surface Pro and Surface Book.

Microsoft has set its sights on Apple. Its product announcement and strategies make us believe it is taking the same route that Apple does. However, some might argue Apple is copying Microsoft but that case is only with Surface Pro 4 against Apple iPad Pro and its accessories. In this case, Microsoft even excluded a USB Type-C port from both the Surface Book and the Surface Pro 4 and pitched its SurfaceConnect proprietary technology, just like the Thunderbolt from Apple.
Since Microsoft launched Surface Book, it is dubbed as a complete hardware company. The device in question is a premium Windows 10 laptop, the company's first in-house laptop. Microsoft’s OEM partners are worried as the Surface Book creates trouble for them, however the company is singing a different tune that its Surface Book is aimed at competing with Apple’s MacBook Pro.

Windows PCs command a majority share in desktop OS market compared to Mac OS X, still Microsoft wants to take a swing at iPhone maker. In past Microsoft’s obsession with Apple led it to pursue Zune player in order to compete with Apple's iPod. But that turned out to be a disaster and Microsoft was unable to convince people to switch from iPod. Later, the mobile segment was an untapped area for Microsoft in terms of hardware. Hence, it took over the reins from Nokia and is still struggling to make a huge impact on the market.

It wants to create an iPhone-like appeal and a mobile operating system (OS) that people stick to. But the Windows Mobile’s state is quite bleak and it hardly accounts for a 3% market share in terms of mobile OS. Microsoft believes it is changing things with Windows 10 Mobile and the adoption rate is likely to go up. We think the company is studying Apple more closely on this one as well. The latest news surrounding Windows 10 phone updates indicates Microsoft is planning to push the mobile update itself. Therefore, the company will not be dependent on the schedules of different carriers, but rather Windows 10 mobile updates will be pushed if and when the company wants it.
This is a familiar strategy utilized by Apple for its updates. The company pushes iOS updates irrespective of carriers, giving it more control. Left on the hands of OEM partners (as in case of Android and Windows) and carriers, the company is powerless to do anything except asking these entities to speed up their timeline.

When it comes to enterprise, Microsoft is pretty good but Apple is somewhat unrivaled that is what Microsoft wants to tap next. The price point and design philosophy went into Surface Book indicate that people at Microsoft have been studying MacBook Pro for quite some time. No matter, how much Microsoft is obsessed with Apple, it still needs to look at desktop and mobile ecosystem. Windows and Mac OS X, and Windows Mobile and iOS platforms are different; hence such a comparison is futile, which is why Microsoft is focusing on going after the aspects it could control.
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