See How Apple Inc Displays iPhone 6s Features Using Touch-Sensitive Tables

See How Apple Inc Displays iPhone 6s Features Using Touch-Sensitive Tables
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San Francisco and New York Apple Stores now use interactive and touch-sensitive tables to display the new touch features of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

Apple Inc Displays iPhone 6s Features Using Touch-Sensitive Tables

Apple Inc. has added new interactive and touch-sensitive tables to its outlets in New York and San Francisco. These new tables are being used as a promotional platform for the new iPhone 6s touch features and work as “force-touch” tester tables. On display are eight iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models that are attached to the table. These interactive tables are monitored by two or more Apple employees who help customers explore the new touch-based features in the latest iPhone. By using touch gestures on the iPhone 6s devices placed on the tables, an animated ripple effect will initiate from the users’ iPhone device and extend on to the table’s surface too.
Apple’s usage of the new animated fish for its iPhone packaging and wallpaper uses iPhone 6s elements to decorate its Apple Store. Apple Insider says these new touch-sensitive tables are “large metal-clad installations, basically oversized LCD panels made into tabletops,” to highlight the company’s innovation to promote new aspects for its latest smartphone. By incorporating touch features for the iPhone 6s display tables, the company has successfully managed to embed one of its key iPhone features as a promotional platform for its customer base.

 The table is not directly integrated with the touch features. The company’s effort to enable users to get an insight into the functionality of its new touch features through the new table is unique. It highlights Apple’s attempts to expand its user base further and promote its iPhones to all customers who visit the retail stores. The tables will not only help the company publicize their highly developed touch-based features, but will pave way for future Apple Stores to adopt similar accessories.
With these new iPhone-inspired tables for two of its flagship stores, there is a good chance that after analyzing customers’ responses, Apple may expand the new tables to other outlets. The company’s decision to first test the popularity of the tables at New York and San Francisco stores makes it evident that Apple’s campaign for its iPhone 6s and 6s Plus has not been halted even after its debut earlier in September 2015.
The tech giant will surely lure in more users who are curious to view some of the smartphone’s features. The use of new touch-sensitive table tops suggests that the company has cleverly managed to emphasize and promote the new touch feature.

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