The 10 Best Mobile Games of September 2015

The 10 Best Mobile Games of September 2015
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The 10 Best Mobile Games of September 2015

Overwhelmed by the App Store? Think Google Play’s too clunky? With so many mobile games being released every month, finding the ones that are worth downloading can be daunting. Sure, you can stick to the top-grossing charts, but you’ll miss out on some great stuff if you don’t dig deeper.
Rather than have you do the digging, we’re more than happy to handle the shovel. Here are the 10 best mobile games released in September 2015 — and be sure to check out last month’s picks, in case you missed them.


Land Sliders

Collect stuff by sliding across the land in this gorgeous, endless, uh, slider. Terrific touch controls let you quickly whip your character around the world but stop on a dime to avoid danger and grab goodies. It’s more than just a bunch of pretty levels, though — there are secrets aplenty hidden in its many worlds, turning this seemingly simple slider into an addictive adventure. (iOS | Free)


Few app developers command respect like Simogo, which blew us away with past masterpieces like Device 6 and Beat Sneak Bandit. But its latest came out of nowhere, quietly appearing on the App Store and not so quietly taking over our free time. Simplistic graphics and controls — split up the boxes to score points — betray a surprisingly complex puzzler.(iOS | $2.99)

Star Wars: Uprising

It’s a Star Wars year, so you’re probably looking for some Star Wars games. Console gamers will get a big one in November with Battlefront, but in the meantime, you can get your fix with this solid action/RPG. Whether you unleash your inner Han Solo as a smuggler or go all high-tech as a badass bounty hunter, you’ll find plenty of skills to upgrade and loot to loot. Best of all, Uprising is set right after Return of the Jedi and has been recognized as part of the world’s official lore. (iOS, Android | Free)


If you like your games fast and frantic, crack your knuckles and start downloading HoPiKo. You play a tiny creature that hops around the inside of a game console to fight off a deadly virus, but mostly you’re swiping like a maniac to keep the little dude moving. You’re being timed, naturally, and the platforms explode, and there are spiky things everywhere, and, well, good luck. (iOS, Android | $3.99)

I Am Bread

You are! And it’s not easy. It’s pretty terrifying, actually, when all you can do is flop end over end in your quest to turn into toast. A hit on the PC, I Am Bread is just as tricky on iOS, featuring controls that will make you want to punch a loaf of sourdough right in the face. But I am Bread is trying to get a rise out of you (sorry), and if you can hack it, you’ll find a deliciously fun game. (iOS | $4.99)

PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist

Yes, you read that correctly. This is a mobile game made by and about PewDiePie, the world’s most popular YouTuber. But it turns out the amped-up streamer stars in a darn good game too, a surprisingly challenging platformer with more Web celeb cameos than TMZ. (iOS, Android | $4.99)

Mister Smith and His Adventures

Reading counts as gaming — at least when it’s a quirky choose-your-own adventure like the ridiculously well-written Mister Smith. You’ll choose different paths as you follow the life of the titular oddball, which means you’ll get asked different questions, which means you’ll get different scores, which means this really is a game after all, see? (iOS | Free)


Zombies! Who doesn’t love them? Everyone, that’s who, which explains why we’re constantly coming up with games about shooting them in the head. Unkilled let’s you do exactly that, but what makes it stand out from the hordes is that it looks incredible. As it should — Unkilled comes from the developers of the also-gorgeous Dead Trigger games. It’s pretty straightforward, but sometimes you just want to blast some brains, not use them. (iOS, Android | Free)

Mucho Taco

The only thing we all love more than shooting zombies is eating tacos (and watching cat videos, and anything with bacon in it). So it’s easy to get behind this kooky clickfest, which transforms you into a taco-making, hot sauce-wielding hotshot. Tap to make tacos, tap to buy new restaurants, tap, tap, tap, tacos. (iOS | Free)

Freeze! 2 — Brothers

A couple of creepy eyeball thingies star in this oddly named sequel, which has you rotating cells and occasionally “freezing” gravity to get them out of their tiny, puzzly prisons. Beautiful art and satisfying controls make it a great choice for puzzle fans with a dark side. (iOS, Android | $1.99

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