The iPhone 7 Specs Finally Attract Major Attention

The iPhone 7 Specs Finally Attract Major Attention
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The iPhone 7 could make a big difference in the Apple inc. company. Apple Inc. won’t put the iPhone 7 release date for another year or so, but that doesn’t mean the firm isn’t working hard on the device right now. As attention remains fixed on the iPhone 6S, which appears to be selling well, we haven’t seen much focus on the iPhone 7 specs just yet. That appears to be changing, and Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray fired the starters pistol this week.

Apple Inc. iPhone 7 specs and rumors

Mr. Munster, well known for his bullish outlook on Apple and his love for a TV that doesn’t exist, says that Apple is planning a major change in the deign of its next smartphone. The iPhone 7 specs are finally beginning to attract attention, and the world is getting excited for the next great smart phone.

iPhone 7 specs rumors begin

Mr. Munster says that Apple will put a huge amount of effort in the iPhone 7 specs in order to give smart hone buyers something truly new. He’s not working with much, but he does highlight some of the major changes that Apple could pursue in order to make the iPhone 7 specs appeal to a huge number of people.

Munster reckons that the iPhone 7 specs could call for an expanded version of Force Touch, and a new place for the fingerprint reader, that will allow Apple to get rid of the Home button. He thinks that Apple might put the fingerprint reader on the side of the device, rather than under the screen like others have speculated. In his view there is a 50 percent likelihood of Apple going that direction with the iPhone 7 specs.
His second focus, and what he believes will be Apple’s second focus, is how long the battery life listed among the iPhone 7 specs will be. His report points to the doubling of the life of Apple’s Macs in recent years as a guide for how Apple might extend the amount of time people can use their phone without plugging in.
Sapphire, which is now being used instead of glass for some Apple Watch screens, may be named among the iPhone 7 specs in Munster’s view. He reckons that Apple may be able to scale up the tech in order to make the screen of its next major smart phone.

Sapphire screens have been rumored on Apple gadgets for quite awhile, but the firm has never quite managed to deliver what on what the tech appears to promise. If Munster is right that could change with the iPhone 7 specs, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Listening to iPhone 7 rumors

We’re a long way away form the iPhone 7 release date and Mr. Munster’s iPhone specs are based on his own ideas more than anything concrete. Ming Chi Kuo, the most reliable source of Apple rumors, says that the firm is working on a much thinner iPhone 7, but that’s where his info stops.
Mr. Munster may or may not be right about the iPhone 7 specs, but it’s probably not worth putting down a deposit in the hopes that a Sapphire screen device with no home button arrives. As we approach the iPhone 7 release date we’ll begin to hear more and more about the device from sources with better track records, and better access.
We are getting a clearer picture of what Wall Street is looking for on the iPhone 7 release date, however, and that may serve as a good guide for what Apple will put out next year. Though a lot of the rumors about the device tend to be very very wrong, the stories tend to get more focused and accurate as the release date encroaches.
We’ll be focused on those stories as they arrive, but Mr. Munster’s report, if it’s not strictly accurate, has done at least one thing. It’s the first report from a major Wall Street voice on the iPhone 7 specs, and it marks the start of a more active rumors season. That means we should be getting a good bit more info about the device from now on.

Getting excited for the iPhone 7 release date

In his report Mr. Munster said that “investors will soon begin to anticipate the iPhone 7 cycle, which could be a more revolutionary cycle.” There’s lots of reasons to be excited for the iPhone 7 release date, but those with shares in Apple may have the most to gain.

The market wasn’t all that happy with the release of the iPhone 6S. Though sales of the device on its first weekend were stronger than last year some, like Toni Sacconaghi of Bernstein, reckon that better supply is driving sales. A lot of those covering Apple, like Sherri Scribner of Deutsche Bank, reckon that sales will be flat, or lower, year over year for the first time since the release of the original iPhone.
The pressure of those forecasts has hit shares in Apple pretty hard. Shares dropped right after the release of the phone, and they’ve only picked up in the last week.
Mr. Munster reckons that there’s three things that will make traders hopeful about Apple shares again. First the firm’s other new products, the Apple TV, iPad Pro, and Apple Watch, will all show strength in the months to come in his view. Second the new iPhone upgrade plan is likely to spur increased demand for the smart phone.
Third, in Mr. Munster’s view, is that the iPhone 7 release date and specs will be anticipated more and more by those following Apple. He expects, as you can see from his forecasts about the design overhaul, the device to be far and away the best that Apple has ever released.
Apple will release its earnings numbers for the three months through September on October 27. When those numbers finally arrive we’ll be able to see what Apple thinks the iPhone 6S will bring to its business in the months ahead, and how much the firm really needs the iPhone 7 in order to succeed.
As we get more info from Wall Street and the supply chain about the iPhone 7 specs, Mr. Munster reckons that the world will begin to see the appeal of the device, and the power it may hold to drive Apple shares higher. For now we’ll have to make due with his description of the device, and wait for more rumors of the iPhone 7 specs and release date to appear.
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