The Upcoming iPhone 7 could use an OLED display from Samsung

The Upcoming iPhone 7 could use an OLED display from Samsung
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Can Apple really borrow an idea from Samsung? sure they can.
The iPhone 6s isn’t known for having a bad screen, but if new rumours are to be believed, the iPhone 7 will have a much, much better one. According to South Korean website ETNews, Apple is interested in sourcing OLED screens from Samsung for a forthcoming iPhone.


Current iPhones, arguably, use outdated LCD panels – one of the reasons they often look pale and washed out when compared to OLED-equipped smartphones – but new rumours suggest Apple is ready to bring OLED tech to the iPhone 7. Previous rumours suggested that Apple wouldn’t bring the screen tech to the iPhone before 2017, and that puts its introduction firmly in the window of the iPhone 7 launch.
Although it’s already used in most Android flagship smartphones, Apple has so far not used OLED tech in its smartphones – but has in other, smaller devices. The Apple Watch actually uses a small OLED display – sourced by LG and Samsung – and it’s one of the key aspects of the wearable that draws praise.
Apple is reported to be making a decision in November about bringing OLED displays to the iPhone, but I think it’d be crazy not to. The iPhone 7 will need to give consumers a significant step up in all areas of the user experience if it’s to compete with forthcoming smartphones like the HTC M10 and Galaxy S7. An OLED screen will certainly help Apple fend off the competition.

iPhone 7 at a glance

Release date

The iPhone 6s was released on 9 September this year, so it’s likely we’ll see the iPhone 7 released around the same time next year – probably alongside the announcement of the Apple Watch 2.


The iPhone 7 represents a full upgrade rather than an incremental one like the iPhone 6s, and this means it’s almost certain to benefit from a complete chassis redesign. We expect it to carry over many of the new features first debut.


The iPhone 6 represented the first time Apple created more than one size of iPhone, and it’s likely it will do the same for the iPhone 7, so we’d expect to see both an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus next year. 


Unlike the 6s and 6s Plus, which brought incremental upgrades, the iPhone 7 should bring an entirely new design and features – and new rumours suggest it will be waterproof.
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