The worst thing about the iPhone 6s

The worst thing about the iPhone 6s
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After a week with the new iPhone 6s, it has become beyond clear that Apple did a fantastic job on this year’s iPhone. The speed increase is just incredible and the big new feature additions are winners. I have already integrated 3D Touch into my regular usage and it really does deliver on Apple’s promise, letting the user perform common tasks far more quickly and simply.

The new camera is outstanding, easily among the best on the market, and there are plenty of other features to fawn over.
Of course, nothing is perfect and the iPhone 6s definitely has some flaws.

I’ve already published my full in-depth iPhone 6s review, and I covered the best thing about Apple’s new iPhone earlier today. In that article, I explained that the best thing about the phone surprised me — but unfortunately, there’s nothing surprising about the iPhone 6s’ worst feature.
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