Why The New iPhone 6s is not much different from iPhone 6

Why The New iPhone 6s is not much different from iPhone 6
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Can we say the difference between the two is the 's' in one of the names? maybe that's it. Thousands of people who pre-ordered the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus now have their phones, and so do the electronics experts at Consumer Reports.

Photo experts tested the upgraded twelve-megapixel camera and compared it to previous models.

"In our preliminary camera tests we found the upgraded still camera is only slightly improved over the iPhone 6,” said Consumer Reports’ Glenn Derene. “You probably won't notice the addition of four megapixels."

But you may notice the larger file size on Apple's new "Live Photo" feature. Consumer Reports says the files take up three times more space than just still photos, but the sizes may vary depending on your subject.

Testers found that the updated five-megapixel 'selfie' camera has a wider-angle lens and works better in low light. That's because the new 'retina flash' uses the phone's screen to light up your face.

The screen is made of what Apple says is "the strongest cover glass used on any smartphone in the world." To check if that makes it more scratch resistant, Consumer Reports put it through an abrasion test. They found it was no better at resisting scratches than the iPhone 6."

“If you have an iPhone four or five, you might consider upgrading to the 6s,” Derene said. “You'll appreciate the higher quality camera and some of the new features, but if you already have an iPhone 6, you won't see such a big difference and might want to save your money for the next version that Apple's bound to roll out next year.”

One of the big complaints against previous versions of the iPhone has been battery life. Consumer reports has started battery testing on the 6s. They'll have the results of those test and their final ratings of the phone within a few weeks.
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