Five little-known things your iPhone can do

Five little-known things your iPhone can do
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We are here to bring some things to your knowledge about iPhone, according to CtvNews there are a number of unique features on the iPhone that improve with each new software update. But are you using these features to their full potential?
Editor-in-Chief of independent mobile technology resource MobileSyrup,Daniel Bader, revealed on CTV’s Canada AM Thursday, some things your iPhone can do, that you may not have known about.

Siri: Location-based reminders 

The iPhone’s location-based reminder capabilities have recently improved, Bader says.
"Everybody knows Siri. Siri’s a great tool but what we don’t always is that he got a lot smarter with the latest version of the iOS update," Bader says.
  • Say “Hey Siri,” then ask for a reminder to complete a task at your current location
  • Siri will send you a reminder as soon as you walk in the door of the logged address
Third-party keyboards

Alternate keyboards are another new feature introduced with the latest version of iOS.
"Everyone knows the iPhone keyboard is pretty good – it has that autocorrect feature. What you don’t know is that sometimes you can actually get shortcuts if you don’t want to fill in a complete word or sentence."
  • The keyboard app, GIF Keyboard, allows you to send animated pictures, also known as GIFs
  • Users can download the SwiftKey keyboard for an improved user-based autocorrect function

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Users can download this free app is for quick translations in 25 languages.
  • Type in one related word such as “bathroom” to receive a translated sentence related to the word
  • You can send the translations to you friends
Compass App
It’s not often users will turn to the Compass App for directional help.
"Unless you’re lost on a mountain, most people don’t actually use the compass app," Bader says.
However, the app has another neat feature aside from telling you if you’re facing north or south.
  •  Slide it to the right and it becomes a virtual level that could prove useful if you’re trying to hang a photo
Camera App
There are a number of new features on the iPhone’s camera
  • Users can use volume buttons to control the camera shutter
  • Holding down the shutter button allows users to take a burst of photos
  • iPhone 6S users can use their phone screen as a flash for selfies
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